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The Importance Of Sustainability | 3 Pillars Of Sustainability

05 Sep 2021
The Importance Of Sustainability | 3 Pillars Of Sustainability |

In order to protect our planet for our future generations, we need to think about things like sustainability. The truth is that this concept has been used quite a lot lately, and for a very good reason. Sustainability continues to be on everyone’s minds, especially with so many things like pollution and other problems happening all around us. We need to do everything we can in order to protect our planet, and sustainability might very well be the answer.

Why is sustainability important?

The main benefit of sustainability is that it helps boost the quality of our lives. Not only does it protect our ecosystem, it also protects all the natural resources for the future generations. Going green and actively protecting our planet is crucial, it can easily convey amazing results, and in the end it can bring in resounding benefits all the time.

Sustainability helps us ensure a future for everyone. If we are depleting resources now, then future generations will have little to no resources. That will be problematic and lead to catastrophic events. Which is why we need to start focusing on sustainability as fast as possible, as that’s what will eliminate problems and focus on bringing much better results in the long term. Once we start doing that, nothing will stand in our way, and that alone is going to be worth the effort.

Moreover, sustainability delivers a healthier habitat for everyone. As soon as we start polluting the environment, we end up damaging the habitat of other species too. Switching to sustainability can help lower the carbon footprint and in the end everyone will benefit from that. Even if it might not be a simple thing to do, the results can be staggering and that’s the thing we want to pursue in a situation like this. Sustainability also has a great social impact, since it helps improve our society and actively push it to the next level no matter the situation.

The 3 pillars of sustainability explained

Which are the 3 pillars of sustainability? The main pillar is the environment. We need to preserve it the best way that we can, and by improving the air quality, preserving ecosystems, maintaining resource integrity, boosting the water quality and doing other things like that, we get to achieve amazing success.

The second pillar is our society. We can use social sustainability in a variety of ways. That means we can empower communities to start taking action towards improving their environmental health. Offering the public information regarding sustainability and how it can help improve their life is another great idea to keep in mind. Moreover, we need to promote the construction, design and alteration of sustainable communities in the long term.

Lastly, we have the third pillar which is the economy. The idea here is that we need to look at the costs of sustainability and how much it will be to implement it properly and without any issues. That alone can help make a huge difference in the long term.

Examples of sustainability

Sustainability can be seen in a variety of ways, and you can implement it using a plethora of different methods. It’s important to understand the power of sustainability and how you can adapt and integrate it as a part of your work and within the economy. With that in mind, there are very different types of sustainability that you can find out there, all of which have their own systems and ideas to add and implement.

So, what sustainability examples are there? There are quite a lot of methods you can start integrating sustainability into your life and your business. For example, water treatments that help eliminate chemicals from waters can be very helpful. Also, waste to energy recycling can be very helpful and eco-friendly.

In addition, you have renewable clean energy, water efficient fixtures, sustainable construction and design, even adding things like green spaces or just using crop rotation is a sustainability approach. It’s important to start using these methods, as they are the ones that will convey great results and tremendous benefits in the long term.


As you can see, sustainability is very important and it’s one of those concepts that has the potential to change our planet. We need to have a sustainable, eco-friendly future if we want to protect our planet and prevent any resource depletion or other disasters. The future is in our hands, all we can do is to ensure that we are relying on sustainability and similar concepts to access the utmost benefits in the long term!

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