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    Bargain Boxed Reviews

    As a mom of 4 shopping is EXPENSIVE! Bargain boxed has saved me a lot of money without the coupon clipping. Some of the items were past the best by date but my 4 boys dont mind lol.


    Im disabled an cant drive, bargain boxed makes it easy for me to get food without the stress of finding a way to the store.


    I never thought i could get this much food for this cheap!


    I was ecstatic when i got my first box, i didn't realize just how much 20 lbs of food is. Incredible value, i will be buying again. 


    Incredibly cheap and worth the money for what you get!


    I order a big box every month, i love it. Had a delay in my shipment and customer service was very helpful.


    The variety was great, got some things i aint never had before and i actualy liked them. A few things were smooshed but still was able to eat them.


    Got my box yesterday and it was worth it, kids and husband loved it. When you accept EBT i'll give 5 stars, but so far so good.


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    Tracking Included With Every Order