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How To Save Money On Gas

25 Feb 2020
How To Save Money On Gas |

How To Save Money On Gas


  1. Drive Less

This is an obvious tip but often over looked and under thought. In today’s economy and fluctuating gas prices driving less is a great way to spend less at the pump. Try consolidating trips and errand runs by planning your stops and avoiding unnecessary trips when you can. Avoid repeat stops when driving in and out of town, coordinate the places you plan on going to before heading out the door. Try walking or biking to places nearby, this will reduce gas consumption, adding mileage to your vehicle, and also provide you with wonderful health benefits!

  1. Spend Less Time Warming Up Your Vehicle

Most often people will warm up their vehicle when its cold outside leading to a cozy cabin of your vehicle. When skipping warm up altogether or merely reducing the time of idling your vehicle you will waste less gasoline and create less greenhouse emissions as well. Try spending less than 1 minute of idle time to warm up your vehicle when possible. If its cold outside don’t be afraid to bundle up and remove layers once your vehicle reaches optimal interior temperature.

  1. Drive At Slower & More Consistent Speeds

Rapid acceleration can drastically increase fuel consumption and reduce vehicle MPG averages whilst driving. Driving at the speed limit and maintaining a constant speed will help your vehicle operate more efficiently, leading to less fill ups at the pump. Its also a safer way to drive when abiding by the speed limit and reducing drag race tactics of speeding enthusiasts.

  1. Find The Best Gas Price And Fill Up At The Right Time

Prices of gasoline can vary greatly but tend to rise near weekends and holidays or prime times of travel. When you prepare for these fluctuations you can be a step ahead of the rest lining up to the pump. It is said that you can get more gas when you hit the pump early morning or at night when temperatures outside are typically cooler. Studies have shown that the density of gasoline does increase as the temperature of said gas is lowered, but most, if not all, gas stations have holding tanks underground where temperatures remain pretty constant. This in turn leads to negligible differences in volume when pumping gas into your vehicle.

  1. Turn Off Your Vehicle & Reduce Idling

It is easier to just ‘let it run’ while waiting in situations such as being stuck at a railroad crossing or waiting for a friend to enter your vehicle or sitting in a parking lot while waiting in you vehicle for someone or something. This idle time is a big waste of gas (unless you are needing to stay warm or cold) that can be avoided when its unnecessary. Idling will drastically reduce MPG and contribute to easily avoided damaging pollutants and greenhouse gases! Its also notable to realize that vehicle mileage is important but so is vehicle run time, which adds to damaging effects of wearing internal vehicle components.   

  1. Pay Attention To Braking Habits

When braking excessively you actively waste gas due to having to re-accelerate and also wear down your vehicles brake pads and stopping components. A way to reduce excessive braking is to remain at a safe distance away from vehicles in front of you, especially when in heavy traffic. Don’t use your brakes at the last minute, start the braking process from further away and gently progress into applying your brakes instead of using them harshly. This will improve your vehicles efficiency and save you gas and increase the lifespan of your brakes.

  1. Avoid Gas Stations Close To the Highway

Gas stations near highway exits tend to be much more expensive in comparison to gas stations within towns and cities. If you don’t need to get gas immediately it may be worth the short trip into town when you need to fill up. If you are using Google Maps be sure to search for gas stations along your route or in your intermediate area as most will show what their current gas price is.

  1. Reduce Drag & Wind resistance

Open windows increase the drag of you’re vehicle while driving making for less aerodynamic travel, especially when driving at speeds upwards of 40 MPH. Try not to drive with bulky attachments such as car racks, body attachments, and carriers. If you usually drive around with racks on top of your vehicle be sure to remove them when not in use.

 If you drive a truck it can be beneficial to use a bed cover to help reduce drag created from the open space of a truck bed. We have found some great affordable truck bed covers on amazon below.

  1. Keep Your Tank Full When Possible

This tactic can limit the possibility of being forced to pay for higher prices at the pump because of needing gas immediately. The downside to this though is that a full tank will increase your vehicles total weight which may contribute to slightly lower MPG numbers while driving.

  1. Optimal Engine Performance

Engines need to be maintained properly to function optimally, sometimes a tune up can lead to better gas mileage and less fuel consumption.

  1. Tires Make A Difference

Tire pressure is important to monitor as under filled tires can increase road contact which increases friction but lowers gas mileage. Under-inflation will also increase wear of your tires leading to sooner replacements in the future. If you have snow or mud tires this can also make a big difference on your gas consumption in a negative way. Keep in mind temperature fluctuations can cause fluctuations in air pressure as air is denser when it colder.

  1. Change Filters

Check your filters regularly as dirty air filters will restrict engine air flow and reduce engine combustion performance. This is a crucial step if you live in drier dustier areas.

  1. Turn Off You’re A/C

Air conditioning is a wonderful feature in the 21st century but it can turn your vehicle into a gas hog. If you do need A/C try using it on a lower setting to help reduce its negative effects on gas mileage. Also try parking your vehicle in shady spots to keep your vehicle cooler inside.

  1. Use The Correct Motor Oil

This is incredibly important and it is always recommended to use the specific motor oil as labeled in your vehicles owner manual. Often times it will also be labeled on your oil cap. Using the wrong oil can cause severe engine wear and other problems as well.

  1. Use Window Tint

Window tints can help reduce interior temperatures which will also reduce the need for air conditioning while also providing privacy in your vehicle. Be sure to check with local state regulations on what degree of window tint is legal.

  1. Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great way to maintain speeds and reduce rapid acceleration. Cruise control will lead to a constant speed that will create a more constant use of gas.

  1. Use Gas Apps, Gas Credit Cards & Gas Rewards Cards

Using gas apps on your smartphone can be an easy way to save money at the pump. A simple search for “gas” in your devices app store will provide a plethora of money saving fuel apps. Many gas stations offer exclusive credit cards with fuel incentives when at the pump. If your not looking to take on another line of credit you can usually also find rewards cards for gas stations that offer discounts and rewards points when used.+

  1. Less Traffic, More Gas Mileage

Try taking the route with the least amount of traffic, stop signs, and traffic lights. This will overall reduce the stop-and-go movements of driving.

  1. Consider Buying A Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Many vehicle models nowadays are reaching new heights in MPG ratings. Electric & Hybrid vehicles can also be a great way to reduce or even eliminate the dependency of oil and ever rising fuel costs.

  1. Carpool

Carpooling is a great way to help yourself and friends save money on gas. Many states also have specific carpool lanes that have less traffic leading to quicker travel times and less fuel consumption.


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