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Essential Equipment for Making Beef Jerky at Home

10 Feb 2024
Essential Equipment for Making Beef Jerky at Home -

Essential Equipment for Making Beef Jerky at Home

Making beef jerky at home is a rewarding process that allows for customization of flavors and control over ingredients. While the art of jerky-making dates back centuries, modern tools and equipment have streamlined the process, making it accessible for home cooks. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the essential equipment you'll need to make delicious beef jerky right in your own kitchen.

1. Meat Slicer

  • Purpose: Ensures uniform thickness of meat slices, which is crucial for even drying.
  • Alternatives: A sharp chef’s knife can also be used, though achieving consistent thickness may be more challenging.

2. Dehydrator

  • Purpose: The most efficient tool for drying out the meat uniformly without cooking it. Dehydrators come with temperature controls and multiple trays for large batches.
  • Alternatives: Not everyone has a dehydrator at home, but an oven, set to its lowest temperature, often with the door slightly ajar to allow moisture to escape, can serve as an effective substitute. Additionally, for the more traditionally minded or those living in suitable climates, air-drying (sun drying) is an ancient method, though it requires specific environmental conditions to be safe and effective.

3. Marinating Containers

  • Purpose: To evenly coat the meat slices in your chosen marinade, ensuring that every piece is flavorful.
  • Alternatives: Zip-top bags are a popular alternative, as they allow you to easily turn the meat during the marination process to ensure even coverage.

4. Mixing Bowls and Utensils

  • Purpose: For preparing marinades and seasonings. Stainless steel or glass bowls are preferred as they don’t absorb odors or flavors.
  • Alternatives: Any clean, non-reactive container can be used for mixing your marinade, though bowls with lids or sealable containers can make for easier storage in the refrigerator during the marination process.

5. Baking Sheets and Cooling Racks

  • Purpose: Used in the oven-drying method, cooling racks placed over baking sheets allow air to circulate around the meat for more even drying.
  • Alternatives: If you don’t have cooling racks, aluminum foil can be used on baking sheets, with holes poked through for airflow—though this method is less effective.

6. Paper Towels

  • Purpose: Essential for blotting excess marinade off the meat before drying, which helps speed up the dehydration process.
  • Alternatives: Clean, lint-free kitchen towels can also be used, though they may absorb some marinade.

7. Thermometer

  • Purpose: Ensures that the meat reaches a safe temperature to eliminate any pathogens. This is especially important when using an oven, as temperature settings can vary.
  • Alternatives: Some ovens and dehydrators come with built-in thermometers, but an independent oven-safe thermometer can provide an extra layer of assurance.

8. Airtight Containers or Vacuum Sealer

  • Purpose: For storing the finished jerky, ensuring it stays dry and extends its shelf life.
  • Alternatives: Zip-top bags with as much air removed as possible can be used for storage, though a vacuum sealer is ideal for long-term preservation.


While having specialized equipment like a meat slicer or a dehydrator can make the process of making beef jerky at home more efficient, there are plenty of alternatives using common kitchen tools. The key to successful jerky lies in the careful preparation of the meat, the right marination, and the consistent drying process. With the right approach, you can produce delicious, homemade beef jerky even with a basic kitchen setup.

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