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How To Make More Money This Week | Side Hustles That Pay

03 Feb 2022
How To Make More Money This Week | Side Hustles That Pay |
Are you really looking to grow your finances in 2022? Just need some extra cash in your bank account? I am sure you would like to do both and so, you are here. Extra income offers financial security and great stress relief in times of need providing a safety net for any unexpected expenses you may face.
Whether paying rent or credit card bills, these money making tips can really come to your rescue when you could use a few extra bucks or a full on additional stream of income.
There are different side hustle jobs to develop your savings over time and the sky is the limit on how much extra money you can make.

 1. Sell Your Old Items

Garage Sale Yard Sale Selling Unwanted Items 
This is a great way to make money online and to reduce any clutter and objects you don’t need or use any longer. Often times we replace our old items with new ones and discard of the item we are replacing.
When you opt to sell the item instead of throwing it away, you’ll take advantage of a great opportunity to reduce waste while helping those who may not want to pay for a newer item PLUS you’ll help yourself make some money too. 
There are many websites/platforms that you can use such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist to list and sell various items, making the process as easy as snapping a few pictures, writing a detailed description, and setting your asking price. Below are some ideas of things that may be worth selling to make extra money:
  • Furniture
  • Collectibles
  • Clothing
  • Household Appliances
  • Tools
  • Electronics
Be sure to write an eye catching title and an in depth detailed description with key search terms and price your item high so there is room to negotiate if necessary.

2. Coach, Consult, or Teach Lessons

Coaching Consulting
Do you have any particular skills, experience, or knowledge that could help others grow? A great way to make extra money in 2022 is teaching and coaching people who are looking to learn something new without the hefty costs of traditional schooling. Some examples of this could be anything like:
  • Helping others with their startup businesses
  • Algebra or Mathematics Lessons
  • Instrument Lessons
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Exercise or Yoga Lessons
  • General Life Advice
The most important thing to keep in mind with this potential side hustle is that you know what you are teaching. It helps to be friendly and well versed while you are giving lessons and advice.
If you want to do less of 1 on 1 teaching you could opt to create courses with written and visual content that can then be used by individuals when they choose to, leaving you less tied down to a lesson/coaching schedule.

3. Create A Blog Website

Person Writing Blogging On Laptop
If you have a knack for writing, blogging could be perfect for you. Blogging is a great way to provide an extra stream of income to you for simply writing content that people would like to read.
The most crucial thing you will need is to create a website to host your blog posts. Once you create a website with a registered domain then you can work wherever & whenever!
Although it really is that simple, it does take a lot of consistent writing and knowledge of how to get your blog posts to rank on google and be found regularly. Once your site is made and full of fresh original content, you will be able to monetize your traffic through advertising, direct sales, or affiliate marketing.
Blogging success will most likely NOT happen overnight, you will need to create engaging content that is fresh and up to date while creating content on a regular consistent basis.

4. Start An Ecommerce Based Business

2021 was a big year for online businesses due to the pandemic, the focus of brick and mortar stores shifted to online service and sales. Businesses will be utilizing online sales, or better known as E-commerce business methods, in 2022 and the foreseeable future.
There are a multitude of options when it comes to creating an online store. Do you create anything that might be worth selling? Such as…
  • Soaps
  • Corn Hole Boards
  • Custom Engraved Bracelets
  • Hand Knit Sweaters For Squirrels
  • Specialty Made Cabinets
The sky is the limit on what you can sell but you must be prepared for the journey before you start, as this will reduce the number of headaches you may encounter.
Some Important things to educate yourself on would be,
  • How to raise capital
  • Legal registrations
  • Proper tax filings
  • Advertising platforms
  • Your audience

5. Sell or Recycle Your Older Electronics

Next time you buy a new smartphone, Instead of throwing out your old smartphone, or shoving it into storage to collect dust, why not recycle/sell it to make some money back towards your new purchase?
There are different websites that you can use to recycle your used smartphone for a good amount. You may not get top-dollar for the device (this depends entirely on age, condition, & model) but hey, some money is better than none!

 6. Become A Freelancer 

Freelancer Working At Desk With Computer And Notepad
Freelancing is another great side hustle to make money. It doesn’t require any long-term commitments as you can work at your own pace and complete the job by the required deadline. Trust me you are not going to hamper your official work in any way, as long as you don’t want to and strive to get the job done in a timely manner.
Based upon your talents, education, and skills, you can take up different jobs/gigs and earn various payouts as a side income. Freelancing gigs can be anything like:
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Designing for Product Advertisement
  • Virtual Assistant Help
  • Video Design
  • Proof Reading
  • Graphic Design
There are many opportunities depending on your talent, interests, and overall skill level. Currently there are a lot of service based websites that you can offer your skills on, opening up your talents to a world of well-paid freelancing opportunities.

7. Deliver Food & Groceries With Door Dash or Uber Eats

Man delivering food to a woman
If you are looking for a straight forward way to make extra money and you have a vehicle, drivers license, and insurance, you can deliver food and groceries to your local area for extra money One of the benefits of delivering food with Ubereats and or Doordash is that you truly get to work on your own schedule.
Depending on your area and the time that you would like to put in as a delivery member you can potentially earn 10 to 20 dollars per hour.
Now it's important to keep in mind that you will be using your vehicle which will have expenses on top of what you may earn this includes gas insurance and overall wear and tear to your vehicle including extra miles.
Nonetheless this is a great opportunity for those who don't mind driving and wouldn't mind putting in a few hours throughout the week delivering food and groceries for a side income

8. Pick Up Scrap & Thrown Out Items

couch on curb next to trash can
Scrap and discarded items can be lucrative money makers. If you have a larger vehicle such as a truck, van, or SUV you can potentially pick up scrap or  thrown out items in your areas trash night! It's amazing what some people throw away nowadays and you can capitalize on that.
There are a bounty of items that are typically thrown out, such as furniture, tools, toys, lawn and garden objects, household, décor, appliances, and so much more.
The best thing about this side hustle is that if the item you pick up is broken you can at least scrap it for its metal content or if it's in good condition and works properly you can always sell it to someone else via buy sell trade sites!

9. Get A Second Job

Cashier working at restaurant
Getting a second job is typically the most frequent side hustle move for most people. This option has its pros and cons, such as making consistent income but yet having to devote a specific time schedule to make it happen.
To some this may be an unorthodox decision as most would just work more hours at their current job. If you are unable to do so, this may benefit you by finding a consistent side job with a consistent paycheck.

10. Offer A Service Locally 

man raking mulch
If you have any potential to offer a service of yourself to your local area such as help with yard work, dog walking, babysitting, cleaning, tutoring etc. This can be an incredibly lucrative side hustle that may even lead to a full-time occupation as your own boss.
This method will take time and effort to find clients who are happy to pay for your service. Think outside the box but make sure that your service offered is something that you are perfectly capable of doing, and doing well.
When dealing with people directly, be sure to be consistent, on time, professional and courteous, this will ensure success and potential for growth in your new endeavor!

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to be consistent and motivated. Hard work always pays off, but its useless if you are unable to finish what you started! 


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