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Explore the Rainbow: The Different Flavors of Skittles

13 Jan 2023
Explore the Rainbow: The Different Flavors of Skittles -

The Rainbow of Skittles Flavors 


Who doesn’t love a handful of colorful and flavorful Skittles? From the Original Fruit flavors to Tropical, Wild Berry, and Sour, there are so many different kinds of Skittles to choose from. And no matter your favorite flavor, each one is sure to deliver a burst of fruity sweetness to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s explore the rainbow! 



Original Skittles Fruit Flavors

If you’re looking for a classic, then you can’t go wrong with the Original Fruit flavors. Enjoy the sweet and tart notes of strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, and green apple in every bite. These original fruit flavors are perfect when you just need a little something to satisfy that sweet tooth. 


Wild Berry

For a berry blast like no other, there’s Wild Berry! Each piece packs an intense punch with its mix of strawberry-grape, raspberry-lime, blueberry-lemonade, wild cherry-orange, and melon-berry flavors. With its bold berry goodness in every bite, it’s no surprise that this one is always a crowd pleaser! 



Take your taste buds on an island getaway with Tropical Skittles! This mix features pineapple-grapefruit , mango tangelo , strawberry starfruit , kiwi-lime , and passion fruit . Tasting these tropical flavors is like taking a mini vacation without having to leave your home. What more could you ask for? 


Sour Skittles

When you’re craving something extra sour and tangy then Sour Skittles is the way to go! With lemon sour , lime sour , grapefruit sour , orange sour , and raspberry sour included in this mix, it offers up plenty of lip smacking good fun for both kids and adults alike.  


No matter what flavor you choose—original fruit or wild berry—there are lots of different types of Skittles out there waiting for you to explore them all! And if you want something even sweeter or extra tangy then try the Tropical or Sour varieties too. So grab yourself a pack today and enjoy all that the rainbow has to offer! 

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