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Are Starburst Vegan? NO | Here's EXACTLY WHY They Aren't VEGAN

28 Jun 2022
Are Starburst Vegan? Are Starburst Halal? Are Starburst Dairy Free?

Starburst candies are a popular sweet snack. But are they vegan? This article will explore the ingredients in starbursts and whether or not they are suitable for vegans. Spoiler: They're not!

Are Starburst Vegan?

For candy lovers who also follow a vegan lifestyle, the options can often be limited. It's a question that has been on the mind of many vegan-curious candy enthusiasts: Are Starburst Vegan?

Shockingly, despite being made of fruit, starbursts are NOT vegan.

Many popular brands of candy contain animal-derived ingredients, making them off-limits for vegans. One such brand is Starburst. Most Starburst candies, including the fan-favorite classic fruit chews, are not vegan because they DO contain animal-derived products such as gelatin (which is an ingredient sourced from collagen found in animal bones) and confectioner’s glaze (which contains shellac which is made from crushing lac beetles for the liquid they excrete).


Does Starburst have gelatin?

Yes, Starburst does contain gelatin. Gelatin is a protein that is derived from animal collagen, and it is commonly used as a gelling agent in food. In the case of Starburst, gelatin is used to give the candy its chewy texture. While some people may have ethical concerns about eating products that contain gelatin, it is generally considered to be safe. However, people with allergies to certain animals may want to avoid Starburst, as they could have a reaction to the gelatin.

The gelatin used in the candy is made from animal bones and skin. This means that if you're looking for a vegan-friendly candy, starbursts are not the right choice. There are plenty of other vegan-friendly options available, so you don't have to miss out on your favorite treat. 


The ingredients in Starburst and how they differ from vegan-friendly candy

Starburst is a popular fruit-flavored candy that has been around for decades. The traditional recipe for Starburst includes sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, natural and artificial flavors, and carnauba wax. This recipe gives Starburst its characteristic chewy texture and fruity flavor. However, it also means that the candy is not vegan-friendly. For those who are looking for a vegan alternative to Starburst, there are a few options available.

Starburst fruit chews are a delicious treat that has been enjoyed by people for decades. The chewy squares are available in a variety of fruit flavors, including strawberry, orange, lemon, and grape. While the exact recipe for Starburst is a closely guarded secret, the candy does contain a few key ingredients that are not found in vegan-friendly candy. For example, Starburst contains gelatin, which is made from animal collagen.

In addition, the candy also contains beeswax and carnauba wax, both of which are derived from animals. As a result, vegans cannot enjoy Starburst candy unless they purchase a vegan-friendly version. However, there are many delicious vegan-friendly candies on the market that are similar to Starburst in taste and texture.


What are Starburst made of and are they vegan-friendly

Starburst is a popular chewy candy that comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Despite their simple appearance, they're made from a complex blend of sugar, corn syrup, fruit juice, gelatin, and other ingredients. While the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, we do know that Starburst Classic Fruit Chews are not vegan-friendly.

As a result, vegans and vegetarians should avoid Starburst. However, there are a number of vegan alternatives on the market that provide a similar chewy texture and burst of flavor. So if you're looking for a vegan-friendly candy option, be sure to check out these options below!


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Alternatives to Starburst for vegans or those with allergies

One popular brand of vegan candy is Surf Sweets, which makes a gummy candy that is free of animal products. The ingredients in Surf Sweets gummies include organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid, and natural flavors. These ingredients give the candy a similar chewiness to Starburst, but without the use of any animal-derived products.

Another option for vegan Starburst lovers is UNREAL candy. UNREAL candy uses an alternative recipe that includes fair trade sugar, tapioca syrup, fruits and vegetables, and carnauba wax. This recipe results in a candy that is both vegan-friendly and lower in sugar than traditional Starburst candies. For those looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to their favorite


Are starburst halal?

Starburst are a chewy fruit-flavored candy that has been around since the 1960s. The original flavors were orange, lemon, and strawberry, but over the years many new flavors have been introduced, including watermelon, cherry, and grape. But are these delicious candies actually halal?


There is some debate on this topic, as the ingredients in Starburst vary depending on the country of manufacture. In the United States, for example, Starburst are made with gelatin derived from pork. However, in other countries they may be made with gelatin derived from beef or fish. As a result, it is difficult to say definitively whether or not all Starburst are halal.


That said, there are a number of companies that do produce halal-certified Starburst. These candies are made with gelatin from sources that have been approved by Islamic authorities and thus can be considered safe for consumption by Muslims. So if you're looking for a delicious treat that you can feel good about eating, be sure to check for the halal certification on your next package of Starburst.


Cheap starburst candies stacked together

Are starburst dairy free?

According to the manufacturer, Starburst candies are dairy-free. This is because they do not contain any milk-based ingredients. However, they do contain other animal-based ingredients, such as gelatin. As a result, they are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Starburst candies are also made in a facility that processes milk, so they may not be suitable for individuals with severe dairy allergies. However, for most people with lactose intolerance or general dairy sensitivities, Starburst candies should be safe to eat.


Our Conclusion On If Starburst Candies Are Vegan

While not all vegans may avoid eating starburst candies, the fact that they are not vegan will be a deal breaker for some. For those who care about where their food comes from and what ingredients are used in production, it is important to know which snacks are safe to eat. Hopefully this article has helped you learn more about which popular starburst candies are vegan and which ones contain animal-based ingredients. As always be sure to check out our recent article on Are Dum Dum Suckers Vegan?

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