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Which Doritos Flavor Was First?

08 May 2023
Which Doritos Flavor Was First?

Ah, the unmistakable smell of Doritos—a unique blend of cheese and corn that has graced snack-time tables for generations. While this flavor may always remain a classic in our hearts, we've gained a few new favorites over the years with some creative variations from mild to fiery. But what many people don't know is where it all started - which Doritos flavor was first? Let's take a journey back through time to explore the history of this iconic snack and discover the answer ourselves!


History of The Doritos Brand

Doritos has a rich history, with its origin traced back to the 1960s. The brand started as a simple attempt to repackage surplus tortillas to avoid wastage. However, the popularity of the seasoned chips turned it into a successful snack product line. Today, Doritos is considered one of the most popular salty-snack brands across the world.

The original flavor of Doritos was Plain Salted corn chips until the introduction of toasted corn in 1966 that paved the way for new flavors. The first flavored Doritos were Taco and Nacho Cheese launched in 1967. These flavors became an instant hit among customers, leading to an expansion of flavors like Cool Ranch, Spicy Nacho and others.

Doritos evolved over time to keep up with changing consumer preferences, introducing healthier options and unique promotional campaigns. In 2021, it launched '3D Crunch,' which features puffed-up triangles with more crunch and shape than previous versions.

Notably, Doritos had encountered some controversies over the years due to its advertising campaigns. For instance, in 2007 PepsiCo was sued for an ad campaign that allegedly misled consumers by claiming their chips were "all-natural."

Looking back at how far this brand has come is fascinating as it continues to dominate not just North American shelves but also international markets with its distinctive texture and flavours!

Get ready for a flavor explosion as we take a deep dive into the rainbow of Doritos options, from classic Nacho Cheese to the lesser-known Spicy Sweet Chili.

Introduction of various Doritos flavors

Doritos Chips Flavors: A Comprehensive Look

Doritos Chips are one of the most popular snack brands, loved by people all over the world. Over time, they have introduced various delicious flavors to their lineup. Here's a glimpse into the Introduction of various Doritos flavors.

  1. Nacho Cheese - This was the first Doritos flavor and has remained a favorite since its launch in 1964.
  2. Cool Ranch - Launched in 1986, this flavor quickly became a fan favorite with its unique blend of herbs and spices.
  3. Spicy Nacho - Introduced in the early 90s, this flavor brings together spicy heat and cheesy goodness.
  4. Salsa Verde - With its tangy and herbaceous taste, this flavor is perfect for those who like a little extra zing in their snacks.

Did you know? The iconic triangular shape of Doritos was inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine as it resembled 'tostados.'

Now let's delve into some lesser-known details about these crunchy chips. For example, did you know that the hashtag #DoritosLocosTacos was used over 1 billion times on social media after Taco Bell partnered with Doritos to create an exclusive taco?

Finally, let's end on a true story. Back in 2005, a woman named Doris Haddock walked from California to Washington DC to protest against money in politics. She earned the nickname 'Granny D' along her journey. At age 94, she passed away but not before inspiring many with her message of civic engagement. Doritos honored her legacy by naming a new product line "GRANNY GOOSE."

Digging deep into the history of Doritos flavors - it's like unearthing ancient relics, but with more cheese stains.

Determining the first Doritos flavor

To determine the first-ever Doritos flavor and its journey to become the popular snack it is today, the comparison of release dates of different flavors and analysis of popularity and sales figures of early Doritos flavors will be discussed.


Comparison of release dates of different Doritos flavors

Doritos flavors have been released at different times, and a comparison of their release dates is a valuable insight into the history of the brand. Below is a comprehensive rundown of when each tasty flavor was introduced.

Flavor Release Date
Nacho Cheese 1966
Taco 1967
Cool Ranch 1986
Salsa Verde 1998
Flamin' Hot 1992
Spicy Nacho 1994
Jacked 2012

Interestingly, the first Doritos flavor ever made was Nacho Cheese in 1966. Since then, other delightful flavors have been developed that continue to delight our taste buds.

Pro Tip: Mix different Doritos flavors together for a unique and memorable snacking experience.

Before the analysis, let me take a moment to mourn the loss of vintage flavors that didn't make the cut - RIP Taco, Salsa Verde, and Ultimate Cheddar.

Analysis of popularity and sales figures of early Doritos flavors

Analyzing the sales and popularity data of early Doritos flavors reveals insights into their success. A detailed examination of these figures unveils which flavors initially resonated with consumers and their impact on the brand's success.

The sales figures of early Doritos flavors indicate that Cheese Nacho and Taco were among the top-selling flavors during this period. These two flavors represented a significant portion of overall sales and enabled the brand to expand its product line. The lower-performing flavors, such as Sour Cream and Onion and Salsa Verde, had little influence on the initial success of the brand.

It is essential to note that despite Cheese Nacho and Taco being popular choices, they were not initially part of the first five Doritos flavors launched in the market.

A fascinating fact about Dorito's early days was that it was an exclusive Frito-Lay snack only sold regionally in Southern California supermarkets until ABC marketed them nationally in 1966.

Overall, analyzing sales data from early Doritos releases provides valuable information about flavor preferences for consumers at that time and highlights which traits contributed to the long-term success of this iconic brand.

Finally, the mystery of the first Doritos flavor has been solved, but let's be honest, we'll still be reaching for the nacho cheese.

Conclusion: which Doritos flavor was first?

Doritos, the popular tortilla chip snack, has several flavors that have been introduced over the years. The question arises as to which flavor was first.

A table has been created, highlighting the different flavors of Doritos and their respective launch dates:

Flavor Launch Date
Nacho Cheese 1966
Taco 1967
Cool Ranch 1986
Salsa Verde 1998

It is interesting to note that Nacho Cheese was the first flavor to be introduced in 1966, followed by Taco in 1967. Cool Ranch was launched almost two decades later in 1986 and Salsa Verde in 1998.

It's worth mentioning that while Nacho Cheese was the first flavor to be launched, it suffered from poor sales initially. It wasn't until a few years later, with new marketing strategies and branding efforts, that Nacho Cheese became one of Doritos' most successful flavors.

In essence, while different flavors have come and gone over time, Nacho Cheese holds a special place as being the very first Doritos flavor to hit the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the first flavor of Doritos?

The first flavor of Doritos was "Toasted Corn," which was released in 1966.

2. How did the idea of Doritos come about?

Doritos were created by Arch West, a marketing executive at Frito-Lay, who was inspired by a snack he discovered in San Diego called "tostados."

3. Did Doritos have any other flavors before "Toasted Corn"?

No, "Toasted Corn" was the first flavor of Doritos. However, the company later introduced other flavors such as Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

4. When were other flavors of Doritos introduced?

Doritos introduced new flavors in the 1970s, including Nacho Cheese and Taco, and throughout the following decades, the company has introduced dozens of other flavors.

5. Do they still make "Toasted Corn" flavor?

No, "Toasted Corn" is no longer produced by Doritos. The flavor was discontinued in the 1990s.

6. What is the most popular Doritos flavor?

The most popular Doritos flavor is Nacho Cheese, which was introduced in the 1970s and is still a fan favorite today.

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