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What Are Twix Bars Made Of? What Are Twix Ingredients?

04 Jan 2023
What Are Twix Bars Made Of? What Are Twix Ingredients? -

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s inside your favorite candy bar, Twix? Don’t worry, you’re not alone — many of us have spent time dreaming about the creamy layers and crunchy elements that make up this iconic treat. Thanks to advances in food science, we now know what goes into making a Twix.


Twix is essentially composed of two main components – a biscuit base and a soft caramel center. The biscuit base comprises wheat flour, sugar, and cocoa butter. For the center layer, chocolate is mixed with sugar, glucose syrup and palm oil until it forms a thick paste that’s spread over the biscuit base. Finally, each bar is covered with milk chocolate which helps seal in all its flavors.


The ingredients themselves aren’t particularly complicated but it's how they are combined that gives Twix its attraction as a tasty snack option. All together these components create an indulgent experience that balances sweet and savory flavors.


Let’s break it down so you can get a better idea of what makes this beloved candy bar so delicious.


The classic Twix bar includes two crunchy biscuit fingers coated in caramel, then covered in milky chocolate. The biscuit is made from wheat flour, sugar and vegetable oil. The sugar helps the carbohydrate-rich biscuit to brown and crisp during baking. The vegetable oil helps to keep the biscuit moist and prevents it from becoming too dry or hard.


The sticky caramel layer is made with sugar, glucose syrup, water, butter and a pinch of salt. All of these ingredients combine to create a creamy caramel center that adds sweetness and texture to every bite.


Finally, the bar is dipped in delicious milk chocolate. The chocolate coating helps to keep moisture locked in and enhances the flavor of the biscuit and caramel. The chocolate also helps to give Twix its signature crunch!

In addition to these basic ingredients, some variations of Twix bars may contain vegetable oil shortening, cocoa, salt, emulsifiers, invert sugar syrup and milk powder.


Of course there are variations to traditional Twix bars such as white chocolate plus milk chocolate coatings or combinations of different nuts instead of the usual cacao-based coating options. But at its core, each approach still relies on the same fundamentals — those being; wheat flour for the biscuit base and sugars for sweetness plus cocoa butter for flavor.


Whatever your preference when it comes to this beloved candy bar, now you know exactly what goes into making your favorite treat! Armed with this knowledge you can enjoy eating Twix guilt-free knowing exactly what goes into every delicious bite!

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