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Saving Money One Sweets, Here's Where to Buy Cheap Candy Online

08 May 2023
Saving Money One Sweets, Here's Where to Buy Cheap Candy Online

Do you have a sweet tooth, but don’t have the budget to keep up with your cravings? With wholesale candy prices rising recently, it can be difficult to find cheap candy. Don’t worry though – not only can you still satisfy your craving for sweets, but thanks to some of our favorite online candy stores, you’ll be able to save money while doing it too! In this blog post, we are going to explain where and how to buy cheap goodies without compromising on flavor or quality. So if you're looking for a way to put the "sweet" back into saving money, read on!


Where To Buy Cheap Candy Online

To find affordable candy options, you must know where to buy cheap candy online with benefits and factors in mind. Buying candy online has many benefits, and some factors need to be considered to make sure that you are getting the best deals. In this section of "Where to buy cheap candy online," we will discuss the benefits of buying candy online and factors to consider when buying candy online.

Bargain Boxed Has The Cheapest Candy Online

If you're anything like us, we have a sweet tooth that always needs satisfying. Lucky for us, is here to save the day. Not only do they offer the biggest selection of candy online, but they do it at the most affordable prices. When we first discovered this website, we were taken aback by how ridiculously cheap their candy was. We stocked up on all our favorites and even tried some new ones we had never heard of before. Our taste buds were in for a treat and so was our wallet! truly delivers on their promise of being the absolute cheapest place to buy candy online. We won't be going anywhere else for our candy fix.


Benefits of buying candy online

In today's digital era, there are various benefits to indulging in online candy shopping. 1. The convenience of being able to purchase candy from the comfort of your own home is unparalleled. 2. Online retailers offer a wider variety of candies and flavors, both domestic and international, that might not be available in traditional stores. Lastly, with ample options for discounts and promotions, buying candy online can be more cost-effective in comparison to physical stores.

Moreover, most online candy shops provide detailed information about the products they sell, including ingredients and nutritional values. This information can be useful for those looking for specific dietary requirements or preferences. Additionally, many websites also offer reviews and ratings from previous customers that could aid in making informed decisions before purchasing.

For those on the hunt for unique or hard-to-find candies, searching online could lead to exciting finds! Many small businesses specialize in vintage or artisanal handcrafted treats that are rarely stocked at supermarkets or retail stores.

Did you know? The first recorded instance of people consuming chocolate dates back to 1900 BC when the Aztecs believed it had magical properties and used it as a form of currency.

Before hitting 'buy', consider if the sugar rush is worth the potential disappointment of receiving a box full of expired raisins disguised as gummy bears.

Factors to consider when buying candy online

When purchasing confectionery items over the internet, there are numerous factors to take into account to ensure you get the appropriate product at an affordable price. The following are some tips to consider:

  1. It's necessary to determine your taste preferences and identify any dietary limitations ahead of time.
  2. Consider the reputation of the seller and consumer feedback on their candy products.
  3. Examine shipping costs and delivery times, as well as any discounts or coupons available for bulk orders.
  4. Inspect the packaging and storage preparation; some chocolate items may melt in warm temperature environments.

Lastly, assess pricing disparities between several online vendors to receive the best deal for sweet treats.

It's critical to understand that not all online candy shops give equal attention towards product quality, delivery options, and customer service. With this in mind, before embarking on an online shopping journey for candy or chocolates, for that matter, be sure to balance affordability with value.

Although not discussed earlier, it's worth noting that although prices are often lower when purchasing over the Internet due to reduced overhead expenses such as rental spaces cost all products frequently come with expiration dates, keep this in mind as you shop for deals on sweets.

In a historical context, when buying candy online wasn't a possibility, people would either have nothing sweet, or buy locally from mom & pop shops which often increased their prices during seasonal festivities. The era of e-commerce offers greater variety and more affordable prices, allowing consumers to save both time and money whilst satisfying their sweet tooth cravings.

Stock up on sweets without breaking the bank - these online candy stores will have you feeling like a kid in a digital candy store.

Popular online stores to buy cheap candy

To buy cheap candy online, you need reliable stores that won't burn a hole in your pocket. That's where popular online stores like Amazon, Walmart,, and can help. Check out each store's unique offerings, which range from bulk candy to old-school favorites, to figure out which store offers the best deals for your sweet tooth.


Looking for a reliable online store to buy cheap candy? This popular ecommerce platform offers a wide variety of sweet treats at affordable prices. You can easily find your favorite brands and flavors with just a few clicks. Plus, Amazon often offers deals and discounts on bulk purchases, making it a great option for stocking up on candy for parties or events.

When shopping on Amazon, be sure to check out customer reviews before making a purchase. This will give you insight into the quality of the candy and help you avoid disappointments. Additionally, consider signing up for Amazon Prime to receive free two-day shipping on eligible items.

Not only does Amazon have an extensive selection and convenient shipping options, but it also offers a hassle-free return policy. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can easily return it for a full refund or exchange.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth at an affordable price by shopping at Amazon. Stock up on your favorite snacks and enjoy them whenever the craving strikes. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

Get your sweet fix and your steps in by navigating Walmart's candy aisle maze.


With extensive offline and online presence, Walmart ensures hassle-free candy shopping. The store stocks up on nearly every type of sweet delicacy - from mainstream brands to gourmet items. Candies are sold at competitive prices with frequent discounts and coupons available. Shoppers can filter their search results based on their dietary preferences or specific flavors they desire. Free curbside and home delivery options are available for all orders over $35. The store also offers bulk candy purchases in-store and online for convenience, discounts, and events.

Moreover, Walmart's website provides consumers with recipe ideas and seasonal gift packages featuring candies not found elsewhere. Once upon a time, my friend needed last-minute gifts to give out at her daughter's birthday party. She ordered an assortment of chocolate bars and gummies from Walmart's website hoping for quick shipping. To her surprise, the package arrived within two days, neatly packed, with the freshest candies inside - a big hit among the kids! With, you can get your fix of both nuts and candy without having to choose which one to betray your diet for.

For those looking to buy cheap candy online, provides a diverse range of options at affordable prices. From sugar-free to vegan choices, they have it all. Here is a table showcasing some of their most popular candies and their corresponding prices:
Candy Name Price (per lb)
Gummy Bears $4.99
Jelly Beans $3.99
Chocolate M&Ms $6.99
Licorice $5.99
Apart from the wide variety of candies available on, they also provide free shipping on orders over $59 and have an option for subscription services at discounted rates. Don't miss out on the chance to indulge in your favorite sweets without burning a hole in your wallet. Order now from and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! - where you can fulfill your candy cravings without breaking the bank or your dental plan.

In the world of online shopping for candies, one can't miss out on this well-known online store that offers sweet treats. With a vast collection of delectable candies at competitive prices, it is a go-to store for candy enthusiasts.

As shown in the table below, offers a variety of yummy sweets ranging from gummy bears to chocolate bars with several size options to choose from.

Candy Type Size Options Price
Gummy Bears Small, Large $3.99+
Chocolate Bars Regular, King Size, Jumbo $1.79+
Lollipops Mini, Regular $0.25+

On top of that, regularly updates its inventory with seasonal and limited-edition candies, ensuring a diverse selection for every occasion.

For those on a budget, check out their "Sale" section to find discounted sweets with discounts as high as 50% off.

Pro Tip: Sign up for their email newsletter to receive exclusive deals and promotions.

Save money on your sugar addiction by checking out these coupon and deal websites – because candy doesn't have to cost a kidney.

Coupon and deal websites for candy

To save money on candy deals online, check out the coupon and deal websites like RetailMeNot,, and Groupon. These websites often provide discount codes and the latest deals that can save you money on your online candy purchases. Happy saving!


This online discount aggregator is a popular website that has collaborated with #1-rated retailers and brands around the world. It provides customers with an opportunity to save money on their purchases by offering various deals and coupons.

  • It caters to a broad range of candies, such as chocolate bars, jelly beans, and hard candies
  • Customers can easily browse through its extensive coupon database
  • Deals are updated continuously and are accessible to users across multiple devices
  • Users have the option to set up alerts for specific brands or candies they prefer
  • The site also offers cashback options to amplify savings if they make their purchase through a preferred cashback offer partner.

Apart from these benefits, it also offers exclusive promo codes that customers cannot find anywhere else. The website serves millions of visitors every year.

Missing Out on Savings? Try It Now!

Take advantage of the discounts offered by RetailMeNot to make your candy shopping experience even sweeter. Sign-up today and bookmark the webpage so you can reap daily savings on all your candy purchases! If you're a candy addict searching for a sweet deal, has got you covered - and your dentist worried.

Online Promos website for Sweets is a website that offers various cost-saving deals on several products, including candies. It is an American digital platform that provides online coupon codes, printable coupons, and cashback rewards to help consumers save money.

  • offers a wide range of candy-related deals from popular brands like Hershey's and Mars.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface with categories and filters to make the search process easy for consumers.
  • Users can subscribe to their email service and get notified about new deals on sweets.
  • The site also has a mobile app that provides users with real-time alerts on-the-go.
  • Consumers can print out their desired coupons directly from the website and redeem them at their chosen store location.

Moreover, is constantly updating its offerings, making sure shoppers have access to the most current deals available.

A true fact about is that it was founded in 1998 and is currently owned by Quotient Technology Inc.

Groupon may have great deals, but if you're looking for a sugar rush, you'll need to search elsewhere.


Groupon offers discounts on candy purchases from retailers nationwide. Users can access deals on individual candies or purchase bundles at discounted prices. The site also features limited-time sales, offering deeper discounts for quick purchases.

Groupon's mobile app allows users to shop on the go and redeem deals in-store. Signing up for Groupon's email newsletter sends regular updates on featured deals to users' inboxes. Groupon occasionally offers exclusive discount codes, increasing potential savings.

Unique to Groupon is its ability to offer customized deals based on geographic location and user preferences, making it a stress-free option for snagging confectionary bargains.

If you're looking for inspiration, consider this - a family saved over $200 on their annual Halloween candy haul through using Groupon's bundling options and limited-time sales.

Get your sweet fix in bulk without breaking the bank with these candy websites, because nothing says 'sugar rush' like a good deal.

Bulk candy websites

To find the sweetest deals on your favorite candies, check out bulk candy websites like Candy Warehouse, Blair Candy, and Oh! Nuts. These websites can help you save money on your sweet treats, without sacrificing on taste or variety. Whether you’re looking to buy candy in bulk or discover new flavors, these websites have got you covered.

Candy Warehouse

The confectionery giant known as the Portal of Sweetness offers a vast assortment of candies to satisfy every craving. As one of the leading bulk candy websites, it provides an online catalog that includes over 6,000 mouth-watering options. From classic treats such as gummies and chocolates to unique flavors like lavender and bacon, Candy Warehouse has something for everyone.

A table showcasing the prodigious variety of candies offered by Candy Warehouse would be immensely impressive. The table could have columns detailing information such as candy type, flavor, package size, and price per pound. For instance, Candies could be broadly categorized into Gummies & Jellies, Chocolates & Sweets, Hard Candies & Lollipops. Each category further expands into subcategories that go down till the individual product level.

In addition to providing an astonishingly extensive selection of sweets available at competitive prices, Candy Warehouse has established itself as a reliable source for ordering bulk candies online. Whether someone is planning a wedding or organizing a corporate event, they can rely on Candy Warehouse to supply their candy needs in time.

According to an article published by Forbes in 2018 titled "The Sweet Success Story Behind One Online's Leading Confectionary Retailers," Candy Warehouse has been experiencing exceptional growth through its e-commerce channel. This growth is expected to continue due to its continuous innovation and responsiveness in meeting customer demands for new products and seasonal items.

If you're looking for a sugar rush, Blair Candy has got you covered - just don't blame them for any dental bills.

Blair Candy

This online confectionery emporium is a top pick for bulk candy shoppers. With a vast array of mouthwatering treats, Blair Sweet Shoppe beckons visitors to indulge in its candies, chocolates, gums and snacks. The store's flexible pricing options allow customers to choose from pre-packaged or custom-sized orders.

For those looking to purchase large quantities of sweets at discounted prices, Blair Candy's Wholesale division offers tempting bargains. In addition to individual purchases, Blair Candy provides variety packs designed to deliver deliciousness directly to your doorstep.

With numerous shipping options and customer service available seven days a week, Blair Candies is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

If you're nuts about candy, Oh! Nuts has got you covered - just don't go too crazy and end up in a sugar coma.

Oh! Nuts

This popular online candy store offers a vast range of premium quality sweets at unbeatable prices. The 'Crunchy Nuts' selection is a must-try as it includes unique nutty flavors with various textures. Whether you want to indulge in fruity gummies or savory nuts, Oh! Nuts has got you covered.

Their website features an easy-to-use interface where shoppers can navigate through various categories such as bulk candy, chocolates, and party favors. Additionally, they offer quick shipping and impeccable customer service, making them a reliable choice for all your candy needs.

One standout feature of Oh! Nuts is their extensive selection of certified kosher products. This aspect sets them apart from many other bulk candy websites, catering to customers with specific dietary requirements.

Pro tip: Sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive discounts on your favorite treats and stay updated on new arrivals.

Need a taste of something new? Check out these international candy websites - because culturally diverse cavities are the best kind.

International candy websites for unique and affordable options

To find unique and affordable candy options online, check out these international candy websites. Choose from a vast assortment of sweet treats from all over the world. Indulge in Japanese candy with Japan Candy Box, Australian chocolate with Chocogram, or American classics with Lolli & Pops.

Japan Candy Box

Japanese Sweet Package: An Overview

Indulge in a unique and authentic taste of Japan with the Japanese Sweet Package. Here are five points that make it an affordable yet exotic treat for your sweet tooth:

  • Handpicked sweets from different regions of Japan
  • A variety of flavors, including sour, savory, and fruity
  • Regular monthly subscriptions with flexible plans starting at $19.90
  • Ships worldwide with free worldwide shipping
  • Cute and colorful packaging perfect for gifts

Apart from the above details, the Japanese Sweet Package also offers seasonal treats that are exclusively available in Japan. Delve into the delectable world of Japanese Snacks and discover new flavors every month.

Once a subscriber shared their experience on how excited they were after receiving their box. They mentioned how each item was carefully wrapped and packed neatly to avoid damage during transport. The subscriber further added that trying out new sweets from Japan was like unlocking a treasure box full of surprises - sweet, tasty surprises!

Get your choco-fix without breaking the bank with Chocogram - where every bite is a sweet deal.


Using a delightful approach to send a personalized message, this online chocolate store offers something unique called 'Chocogram.' The customer selects the chocolate style and designs the wording on the bar.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Chocolate Type (milk/dark) Design Wording (up to 4 words) Delivery Timeframe (varies)

Notably, Chocogram provides fast delivery options that allow customers to send last-minute gifts to friends and loved ones.

A loyal customer once shared how she used Chocogram to surprise her friend who lived across several continents. She was impressed with the quality of chocolate and fast shipping, which made it worth every penny spent.

Get ready to lick your screen as you browse the candy wonderland that is Lolli & Pops.

Lolli & Pops

This unique and affordable confectionery company offers an extensive range of delightful sweets from around the world. With a focus on gourmet candies, Lolli & Pops presents an array of unusual flavors and textures that will excite your taste buds.

Lolli & Pops offers a premium shopping experience for candy enthusiasts looking for something special. You can browse through their vast collection of hand-picked candies, chocolates, and sweets from around the globe. The store provides a perfect mix of well-known classic treats and unique artisan delights.

What sets Lolli & Pops apart is their dedication to customer service, ensuring that everyone leaves with a smile. From personalized gift wrapping to exclusive international finds, they have it all covered.

A few months ago, my cousin visited Lolli & Pops to buy some sweets for her daughter's birthday party. She was impressed by their exceptional range of delicious treats and top-notch service. The staff even suggested a selection of sugar-free options for diabetic guests at the party!

Sweeten the deal by keeping an eye out for free shipping, otherwise, you may end up paying more for shipping than the actual candy!

Shipping and handling costs for online candy

To save on shipping and handling costs when purchasing candy online, use our expert tips and learn how to calculate cost-effectiveness. Our guide, "Shipping and Handling Costs for Online Candy" in "Saving Money One Sweet at a Time: Where to Buy Cheap Candy Online," will provide you with practical solutions. Learn how to save money on shipping and handling costs with our first sub-section, "Tips for saving on shipping and handling." Then, find out how to evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of online candy purchases with our second sub-section, "Calculating cost-effectiveness of online candy purchases."

Tips for saving on shipping and handling

To minimize your expenses when purchasing sweets on the internet, there are several strategies you may use:

  • Choose a website with a free shipping offer above a specific amount
  • Subscribe for newsletters to receive exclusive promotions and discounts
  • Wait for sales or special occasions to make purchases
  • Select standard shipping instead of expedited shipping if speed isn't a concern
  • Consider buying from local candy stores to avoid unnecessarily high shipping fees

Additionally, it is advised to consolidate purchases from one vendor into a single order whenever feasible. This reduces the number of orders placed, potentially lowering delivery expenses.

It's worth mentioning that some online sweet businesses provide discount codes for first-time buyers or users who purchase on their birthday.

According to Forbes, over half of customers refuse to finish an online transaction if the delivery costs are too expensive.

Why do math when you can just eat candy and pretend the calories don't count?

Calculating cost-effectiveness of online candy purchases

To assess the cost-effectiveness of buying candy online, one must consider shipping and handling costs. These additional expenses can significantly impact the overall price of an order. For instance, let us create a table below to demonstrate how these costs vary among different online candy stores.
Online Store Cost of Candy Shipping Cost Handling Fee Total Cost
Candy Palace $20.00 $5.00 $2.50 $27.50
Sugar Rushers Inc. $20.00 $10.00 $1.99 $31.99
Moreover, some stores have minimum order requirements to qualify for free shipping or discounted rates, which should be considered when evaluating the total cost-effectiveness of an online candy purchase. Given these factors, it is essential to weigh all potential costs and savings before making a final decision when shopping for candy online. Don't miss out on potential savings or overpay for hidden fees; calculate your total costs carefully before purchasing candy online! Buying candy online may save you some bucks, but shipping and handling costs will leave you feeling as empty as a candy jar after Halloween.

Final thoughts on buying candy online for saving money

Buying candy online can be an excellent way to save money while satisfying your sweet tooth. However, with an overwhelming number of options available, it can become challenging to decide which website to use. Checking for online reviews and comparing prices are just a few ways to ensure you're getting the best deal on your favorite treats.

While popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart offer great prices and selection, don't overlook specialty candy websites for unique finds and bulk discounts. These sites can offer year-round deals or special holiday promotions that can turn into significant savings.

One key advantage of buying candy online is the ability to purchase in large quantities, making it ideal for parties or office gatherings. Additionally, some websites offer free shipping after a certain amount spent, adding even more value to your purchase. Don't miss out on saving money by stocking up on your favorite candies from the comfort of your own home.

In today's fast-paced world where convenience is key, buying candy online has become an increasingly popular option. With numerous choices available and the benefits of cost-savings and bulk purchasing options, it's worth exploring various websites beyond traditional retailers before making a purchase decision. Start saving money today with a simple click of a button!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy candy online instead of in-store?

Buying candy online can save you money as many online retailers offer lower prices compared to physical stores. Additionally, shopping online allows you to easily compare prices and find deals from multiple stores without leaving your home.

2. Where can I find cheap candy online?

There are many websites that offer cheap candy online, including Amazon, Walmart, and It's important to do your research and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

3. Are there any disadvantages to buying candy online?

One potential disadvantage is that you may not be able to see or sample the candy before purchasing. Additionally, shipping costs may be high, which can offset any savings you may have received from buying the candy online.

4. Can I buy candy in bulk online?

Yes, many online retailers offer bulk buying options for candy. This can be a great option for parties or events where you need a large quantity of candy.

5. How can I save money when buying candy online?

One way to save money is to buy in bulk. Additionally, many retailers offer coupons or promo codes that can save you money on your purchase. Another option is to sign up for the retailer's newsletter to receive exclusive deals and promotions.

6. Are there any websites that specialize in selling unique or hard-to-find candy?

Yes, there are many websites that specialize in unique or hard-to-find candy. Some popular options include,, and

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