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How & Why You Should Clean Windows With Vinegar

15 Jul 2021
How & Why You Should Clean Windows With Vinegar |

How To & Why To Clean Windows With Vinegar?


If you want to ensure that your windows look like new or spotless, then it’s a good idea to focus on natural cleaning solutions. Something as simple as using vinegar to clean your windows can help more than you might imagine. But why is it a good idea to use vinegar as a window cleaning solution? Let’s find out!

Why is vinegar great for cleaning windows?

One of the major advantages of vinegar for window cleaning is that this is a non-toxic cleaning agent. There are no chemicals or compounds that might damage your windows, or which cause respiratory problems while using. Vinegar doesn’t pose any kind of health threats, and you get to stay away from any chemicals. That makes it ideal especially if you have pets or small children within your home.

Moreover, vinegar is versatile. You can combine it with some water and it will clean any type of glass. It also doesn’t leave any streaks, which is ideal for window cleaning. Not only that, but it will work amazingly well on pretty much any type of glass. Plus, vinegar is readily accessible, everyone has it at home, and it’s extremely affordable too.

How can you use vinegar to clean windows?

  • First, you need to prepare the area you want to clean. Remove any dust from the window with a paper cloth/towel. Once you remove the larger dust layer, it will be easier to clean your windows properly.
  • Once that is done, you need to combine water with vinegar. It’s up to you when it comes to how strong you want this to be. If you want a strong vinegar solution, you should have 2 cups of water and ¼ cup of vinegar. A basic vinegar solution would need a cup of water and a cup of vinegar. Some people even use straight vinegar without water, but this is not recommended unless there are some streaks which are really hard to remove.
  • After you prepared the vinegar and water mixture, we recommend you to fill a spray bottle and start spraying on your window’s surface. In case you are cleaning multiple windows, just apply the vinegar to your first window.
  • You need to rub the window surface with a cloth, this will help work the vinegar in. Using a paper towel or lint-free towel is ideal in a situation like this.
  • Drying the window surface is crucial because it allows you to collect the moisture and leave the windows clean and free of any streaks.


Should you use vinegar to clean your windows? Yes, this is a great idea and it can help you save a lot of time and money. Vinegar can be great if you want to remove dust, dirt or grime from your windows. Plus, it doesn’t leave any streaks, which makes it the ideal option for window cleaning. Not to mention you can avoid using any type of chemicals. We recommend you to give it a try for yourself, since this is an extraordinary way to avoid using chemical-based window cleaning products. It’s a great natural alternative, and it does wonders for most types of windows!

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