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    The Bargain Food Box | Candy Bars In Bulk, Snacks In Bulk , Misfit Sweets, Discount Food & More!

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    The Bargain Food Box


    Buy Candy Bars In Bulk, Bulk Snacks, Misfit Sweets, Discount Food & More, For LESS!

    Whether you're looking for something to get you through hungry lunches without breaking the bank, or a way to enjoy your favorite treats at a DELICIOUS discount, our misfit food mix box has something for everyone to enjoy!


    Ā Bargain Boxed Is Your Source For The Cheapest Full Size Candy Bars Online!


    Chock full of candy bars such as Reese's, KitKats, Hershey's, Twix, Snickers, M&M's, Butterfinger's, and more!

    With gummies and chewy candies of sweet and sour might, you'll love your bargain food box with every single bite!

    Filled to the brim with snacks galore such as oatmeal bars, trail mix, peanuts, snack bars, cashews, walnuts, protein bars, cookies, Oreo's, Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter's, Rice Krispy Treats, and SO MANY MORE!

    PLUS amazing dried meats, jerky, gum, and chips to explore!


    Stock up today before we sell out and get yourself a bargain food box with a HUGE discount!


    Bargain Food Box Highlights

    • We offer the CHEAPEST Discounted Snacks & Discounted Candies OnlineĀ 
    • The Bargain Box is ONLY Available HERE at - BargainBoxed.comĀ 
    • The Bargain Box is a largely discounted variety mix of items that are Overstock, Seasonal, Post Dated, and Promotional Items.
    • Reduce food waste and get an incredible deal on MisfitĀ Products, this deal is NOT found in stores.
    • Each & Every box includes Full Size, Share Size & King Size candy items!
    • On average, each 100 Item Box Is Valued At Over $155.00+ In Retail Pricing, Get It Here For Up To 75% OFF compared to retail.
    • We carry 100's Of Top Name Brands like Hershey's, Quaker, Clif Bar, Oreos, Lays, M&M's, Reese's, Hostess, and More!
    • Each Order Is Hand Packed With Randomly Selected Items For A Great Mix Of Fan Favorites And New Things To Try
    • All Items Are Sealed Within Original Manufacturer Packaging.
    • Bargain Boxed is Owned & Operated in Youngstown, Ohio - USA


    Ā Ā 

    When buying the 100 Item Misfit Bargain Food Box, you will be getting a discount on food of up to 75% in comparison to typical online & retail costs!


    These amazing savings are only possible on Clearance, Misfit & Reclaimed inventory!

    We step in to buy BIG so we can pass the savings on to our customers, while reducing waste of imperfect, overstock and post dated food items which are still DELICIOUS and SAFE to eat!Ā Ā 


    What Is The Bargain Food Box?


    The bargain food box is a largely discounted variety mix of Shelf Stable Food Items, Snacks, Chocolates, And Candies that are Overstock, Post-Dated, Close-Dated, Seasonal, Promotional, and Misfit items. We directly purchase our inventory from multiple food manufacturers and grocery storefronts in the United States on a very large wholesale level and then sell it at an incredibly discounted rate in comparison to retail pricing!

    Bargain Boxed is your one-stop shop for a sweet treat! Get the best deals on bulk candy bars so you can indulge without breaking the bank.

    We hand pack and fulfill each and every box with a great variety of food that is in stock at the time of fulfillment. When an order is being fulfilled we make sure to remove any food items that are opened, damaged, or past the point of sale.

    We have 1000's of food items in stock, meaning no two bargain food boxes are alike.

    Ā It's always a great time to buy our Bargain Food Box of discounted snacks and candies!

    When you purchase a bargain food box from our store, not only is it INCREDIBLY cheaper than retail stores, you also get a great selection of very cheap food products while reducing food waste in the United States.

    Ā  Ā 

    Our Misfit Bargain Food Box is packed with amazing savings, offering an unbeatable value on candy, snacks, sweets and savory treats.


    What Do You Get In A Bargain Food Box?


    Every bargain food box is packed full with a large variety of different food items. Each and every box is hand packaged with a random selection of what we currently have in stock until the box reaches its specific weight per order. Every box contains Items that are typically Regular Size, King Size, Full Size, Family Size, Share Size, Mini Size, and Giant Size.

    We do our best to include a great mixture of food products such as Beef Jerky, Cookies, Chips, Gummy Candy, Candy, Chocolates, Protein Bars, Gum, Mints, Nuts & Seeds, Trail Mix, Snack Bars, Desserts, and More!Ā 


    Is Food Waste A Problem? | How Food Waste Is Affecting The United States & The Entire Planet


    The epidemic of food waste creates multiple problems for businesses and consumers alike. Food waste affects multiple parts of the food industry and supply chains as well. When you throw away food, it's not just wasted. Food waste causes a lot of problems for the environment (methane gas, pollution, resource consumption, etc.) and it also affects your wallet too! We at Bargain Boxed step in to help reduce the waste of perfectly edible food to make a positive impact on the environment and to provide a unique yet affordable option for those to enjoy fan favorite food, candy, and snack items at a fraction of retail cost.Ā 


    Shipping Information


    Bargain Food Boxes are shipped via UPS & USPS From Northeast Ohio, USA and on average take 2-6 Business Days to arrive depending on the location for delivery. Every order includes FREE tracking and shipment updates. Boxes are shipped in 10 & 20 Pound increments and they are shipped separately from all other items on BargainBoxed.comĀ 

    We currently ship The Bargain Box to all of The United States Of America - Except Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories.


    Things To Know Before Purchase


    Upon Delivery, We RecommendĀ Placing Temperature Sensitive Contents Of Your Order In Refrigeration To Re-Solidify

    Chocolates & Candies Can Be Very Sensitive To High Temperatures

    Items May Become Deformed Due To Potential High Heat During Transit Or Upon Delivery


    The Bargain Food Box consists ofĀ Overstock, Seasonal Items, Promotional Items, Items Past Their Labeled "Best By Date", Items Before or Near Their Labeled "Best By Date", Various Sizing, and Misfit Items.

    Bargain Boxes DO NOT Include Any Opened, Damaged, or Liquid Items.


    • To Reduce Waste & Keep Prices Low - Ice Packs/Cold Packs are NOT Included.
    • Each Orders Contents Vary.
    • This Item Ships Via UPS & Includes TrackingĀ 
    • Includes Items Past Their Labeled 'Best By' Dating & Misfit Items
    • All Items Are SEALED in Original Manufacturer Packaging
    • Bargain Boxes DO NOT Contain Any Liquid Products or Drinks
    • [Limit Of 5 Boxes Per Order]
    • Photos Are Just A Small Example Of What We Typically Have Within Our Inventory

    Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges Can Not Be Accepted. All Bargain Box Sales Are Final.Ā 

    Ā Ā This Item Can Only Be Shipped & Sold Within The United States Of America

    The Bargain Box Misfit Discount Candy & Discount Snack Crate Full Of Discounted sweets



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