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    SOUR TOXIC WASTE | Toxic Waste Sour Candy - 1 Pound Bag Assortment - 5 Flavors: Lemon, Watermelon, Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Black Cherry

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    Do you like your candy sour? If so, you'll love Toxic Waste Sour Candy. This candy is not for the faint of heart. It comes in five ultra-sour flavors: apple, watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry, and black cherry. Each flavor is more sour than the last.

    The apple flavor is tart and juicy with a sour kick.

    The watermelon flavor is refreshing and slightly sweet with a sour punch.

    The lemon flavor is tangy and tart with a strong sour taste.

    The blue raspberry flavor is sweet and juicy with a very sour taste.

    And the black cherry flavor is rich and fruity with a potent sour flavor.

    If you're looking for a candy that will make your face pucker, look no further than Toxic Waste Sour Candy.

    When it comes to sour candy, there are a lot of different options out there. Some are only slightly tart, while others are so sour that they make your face twist in pain. But of all the sour candies on the market, none are quite as intense as toxic waste sour candy. This candy is made with a special blend of acids that give it an incredibly sour flavor. In fact, it's so sour that it's often used as a dare among friends. If you're looking for a candy that will really make your mouth pucker, toxic waste sour candy is definitely the way to go.




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