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    Oreo Double Stuf Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies Chocolate, 14.03 Ounce (Pack of 12)

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    OREO Double Stuf Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

    These Oreos are a delicious treat that you can enjoy without having to worry about gluten. These cookies are filled with nearly 2x the amount of smooth creme, and they are made with a special blend of gluten free flour that tastes just like the original cookie.

    You can enjoy OREO cookies as a simple dessert or after-lunch treat, or whenever you want to make a moment or occasion a little sweeter with gluten free snacks.

    The resealable packs help your Kosher cookies stay fresh, which means you can look forward to a crisp creme-filled cookie whenever you’re ready for a sweet treat! And with Cocoa Life, you can feel good knowing that the cocoa used in these cookies is 100% sustainably sourced. So go ahead and indulge in OREO Double Stuf Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies!

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    OREO's are one of the most iconic cookies on the market and they have just gotten even better. These chocolate wafer cookies are now gluten free and made with real cocoa.

    They still have the same great taste that everyone knows and loves but with a few added bonuses. The resealable packs make it easy to share and the cookies stay fresh until you are ready to enjoy them. You can delight your friends at work, school, or at a party with these delicious cookies.

    OREO's are also now made with 100% sustainable cocoa. So not only do they taste great, but they are also good for the environment. Visit the Cocoa Life website for more details.

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