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    CHIPS AHOY! Chewy Cookies & Original Chocolate Chip | Chips Ahoy 3 Pack Bundle

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    The CHIPS AHOY! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chewy Cookie Bundle is a delicious family sized treat that will make your lunches more exciting. With the perfect amount of crunch from real chocolate chips, this bundle includes two varieties including softer chewier cookies to satisfy any craving you may have!

    Chips Ahoy FAQs

    Do Chips Ahoy Go Bad? 

    Yes chips ahoy cookies can go bad or stale tasting if they are not stored properly or if they exceed the labeled best by date by over 4 months. Read Our In Depth Article About If Chips Ahoy Go Bad


    Where To Buy Cheap Chips Ahoy Cookies For A Discount?

     The best price on discounted Chips Ahoy cookies can be found right here at! We have an exclusive variety mix snack crate called the Bargain Box, which is packed full of popular snack and candies at up 85% LESS than the regular store price! Check out the Bargain Box for a great way to save money on Chips Ahoy cookies and more! 

    When did Chips Ahoy cookies first come out?

    Chips Ahoy cookies are a favorite among Americans and people around the world. These chocolate chip crunchy treat was originally called ‚ÄúChocolate Chip Crunch‚ÄĚ but it changed its name in 1964 when they were renamed "Chips A- Hoy." The original flavor has been enjoyed by many since their creation back in 1963, even if you can't taste them yourself!

    Are Chips Ahoy Vegan?

    No, Chips Ahoy cookies are not vegan as they contain milk based whey as an ingredient.

    Do Chips Ahoy Original Have Nuts?

    No, Chips Ahoy original cookies do not contain any nuts. Be sure to always double check the ingredient list though as some variations of Chips Ahoy, such as the Reese's peanut butter chips ahoy, do indeed contain nuts in the form of peanut butter.

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